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Summit of Pocaterra looking towards Mt. Tyrwhitt

"Attitude is the difference between an Ordeal and an Adventure" - Unknown

Photo - Lisa Jürgensen
Recent Trip Reports

January 5, 2018

In November of 2016 I was searching for mountains in the front ranges that I could climb over the winter. Front range mountains can receive less snow, and many have the snow blow off by warm Chinook winds. I happened upon a fantastic trip report from Vern Dewit (explor...

September 5, 2017

Ever since I bought a copy of "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies", I have been trying to line up time off with a permit to camp at Aster Lake. The potential for scrambling from this base camp is huge and the views from the lake are stunning (on a clear day......

August 10, 2017

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies. Aside from all of the tourists, the lake is surrounded by big mountains, glaciers, and stunning views. In 2016, I ran up the two mountains that flank the lake, alone (St. Piran and Fairview). I ha...

August 8, 2017

Most people are content tackling one peak per day. Then there are crazies like my friend Jared and I. If we select a summit, and find out there are others close by, we will forgo a second trip, and go for multiple. We also seem to like running on these adventures. It a...

July 8, 2017

Mount Brett has been on my radar for at least a year. That was when my parents pointed it out to me. When I first moved to Banff I had no idea that there was a mountain I shared my name with, even though it is so easily seen from almost anywhere in town.

September 18, 2016

When looking west from Banff there is a range of mountains standing over the Bow Valley corridor as it turns right and heads north towards Lake Louise. This is the Massive range including mountains like Bourgeau, and the great Mount Brett.

August 14, 2016

Mount Ball is one of those scrambles that I have dreamed about completing, but between its remoteness and super long approach (apparently the worst in the book) it never made the shortlist for any of my previous day trips. Although it can and has been done in one long...

October 4, 2014

The weather continued to hold up into October, and my friends and I set our sights on completing the trifecta of big mountains rated 'easy' around Banff with a trip up Bourgeau.

September 27, 2014

After climbing Mount Rundle the previous weekend, Steve, Olivier, and I were interested in more! For this weekends adventure we were joined by my new roomie Roland, and our objective was Cascade.

September 21, 2014

Mount Rundle is the first entry in my summit log. It was the first mountain I scrambled up. I had spent the entire summer rock climbing, and I didn't give any thought to scrambling mountains unroped. As fall arrived, the weather for hiking and scrambling was perfec...

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My name is Brett Rayner and I live in Banff, Alberta, Canada! Whether it's scrambling, trail running, or rock climbing, I love getting out in the mountains.


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